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Find airports, FBOs, lodging, restaurants and pilot resources by surfing the map below.  Drag the map to pan and click to zoom in and out. Click a marker to find out more about each location. 

The Airport Authority (TAA) - where to eat, stay & play!

The Airport Authority is a visual directory of airports, FBO's and aviations businesses throughout the country that caters to the special needs of the General Aviation pilots and travelers -- Where to Eat, Stay & Play!

When You Fly You Need To Know:
  • Where do I stay?
  • Where is a good place to eat?
  • Where can I get transportation?
  • What is there to see and do?
  • Where can I get.....? the list goes on and on

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When you fly your own plane or a small charter flight, you are often working with less sophisticated instrumentation and less airport support.  As a result, it is crucial to do your research before you fly.  Part of this involves consulting an airport FBO directory.  Unless you fly in and out of the same GA airport frequently it is always a good idea to check out the latitude, longitude and elevation of the runways.  Some airports have limited hours for tower operations and FBO services.  Others only offer tie-down service with no hangars, or only certain types of fuel.  In short, if you are a GA pilot you probably rely on an up-to-date Airport FBO Directory.

Each fixed-base operator (FBO) is different and they are not required to be available to pilots 24/7, so pilots must think ahead and plan their landing times accordingly.  Even the most experienced general aviation pilots are more cautious when they land at an unfamiliar airport and they need an airport FBO directory that provides thorough and updated information.  Rather than referring to an outdated manual, more and more pilots are logging into The Airport Authority.  The airports listed on the Airport Authority can be sorted by various parameters, including the type of fuel available and available FBO services.

The Airport Authority (TAA) allows pilots to search for an airport by state and click on the map for more information.  According to many GA pilots who regularly use the TAA website, the best reason to look at it is to get information about stops along the route.  In addition to finding out about the airport’s hours, fuel services and airplane storage options, visitors to the TAA site can find out about dining options, lodging and entertainment in the nearest town.

What can pilots expect to find at The Airport Authority?  The Airport Authority provides information on popular nearby destinations including fun things to do in the area, lodging and hotel accommodations, dining near the airport, ground transportation, runway information and more.  Prior to landing in an unfamiliar place, pilots can also learn all about the lighting, paving, and elevation of the runway.

If you are a pilot, make sure that the next time you are planning a trip to an unknown airport to look it in this airport FBO directory and learn as much information as you can about your next stop.  Knowing this information is necessary in order to have a safe, successful, and smooth journey.

What is TAA?

The Airport Authority (TAA) is a web-based, visual directory of airports, FBO's and aviations businesses throughout the country.

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TAA serves to the special needs of the General Aviation pilots and travelers.

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TAA is the first and only airport directory integrated with Google Maps.  Finally you can search airports the way you want.