The Airport Authority

The Airport Authority - Be in the Know, Everywhere You Go!

Find airports, FBOs, lodging, restaurants and pilot resources by surfing the map below.  Drag the map to pan and click to zoom in and out. Click a marker to find out more about each location. 

The Airport Authority (TAA) - where to eat, stay & play!

What is TAA?

apex_aviationThe Airport Authority (TAA) is a web-based, visual directory of airports, FBO's and aviations businesses throughout the country.

Pilot Resources

Who Can Use TAA?

istockphoto_12042719-adventurous-womanTAA serves to the special needs of the General Aviation pilots and travelers.

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Why use TAA?

istockphoto_7364960-woman-pilot-standing-next-to-an-airplaneTAA is the first and only airport directory integrated with Google Maps.  Finally you can search airports the way you want.